Venice Lessons_

Venice Lessons

Industrial Nostalgia. Teaching and Research in Architecture

Edited by Harry Gugger, Barbara Costa, Juliette Fong, Salomé Gutscher, Stefan Hörner and Charlotte Truwant

In cooperation with Laboratory Basel (laba), EPFL

Venice, one of the world’s most famous places, has a dual nature of real city and myth. It is suspended in the struggle between sea and soil and unable to survive without cyclical preservation and continual compromise. The myth, which is largely shaped by nostalgia and ideals of the past, superimposes today’s real city with its infrastructural challenges and can hardly be reconciled with a concrete future.

Venetian Lessons: Industrial Nostalgia examines this conflict. Based on a recent research program at EPFL’s Laboratory Basel (laba), it demonstrates how the city must constantly redesign its historic image to retain its position as one of Europe’s prime tourist attractions while the necessary permanent renovation undermines its livelihood. The findings are visualized in striking images, graphics and maps. The book also features proposals for architectural interventions by laba’s students.

Interlaced is a reprint of Miroslav Sasek’s famous picture book This is Venice which reflects the common Venice nostalgia while the Venice Lessons research context enables a fresh reading of this children’s classic.

ISBN 978-3-03860-034-3

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