The University is Recruiting_


The University of Luxembourg is recruiting faculty members, Ph.D. students and junior researchers, post-docs, research staff, as well as administrative and technical staff. Please find listed here the jobs that are currently available.

Faculty of Sciences, Technology and Communication

  • Doctoral candidates (PhD students) in Mathematics
  • Doctoral candidates (PhD students) in Cryptography and IT Security
  • Doctoral candidates (PhD students) in Physics
  • PhD student in Systems Biochemistry
  • Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering and Design
  • Doctoral candidate (PhD student) in the field of Magnetic Neutron Scattering on Nanocomposites
  • Doctoral candidates (PhD students) in Systems Biomedicine or Molecular Biomedicine
  • Doctoral student (PhD student) in Cell Biology-Systems Biology
  • Postdoc in Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
  • Postdoc in Modelling of Biological Systems

Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance

  • Associate Professor in European and/or International Labour Law
  • Doctoral candidate (PhD student) in Law, specialisation in European Banking and Financial Law
  • Doctoral candidate (PhD student) in the Financial Audit

Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT)

  • Doctoral candidate (PhD student) in Physcial Layer Security in Satellite Communications
  • Research associates in Software Engineering
  • Research Associates in the field of Human Computer Interaction

Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB)

  • Doctoral candiate (PhD student) in Bioinformatics (Eco-Systems Biology)

Central Administration

  • Support administratif pour le Service d’Études et de la Vie Étudiante

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