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29 October 2010 from 14.00 – 17.30
Neumünster Abbey, Luxembourg

Society’s complex problems, including equity and environmental issues, are often better understood from the perspective of several disciplines. Challenges to plans for ‘interdisciplinary’ research are manifold and can include the clear presentation of objectives, well-adapted project management, finding qualified researchers, and the nature of the research infrastructure provided by the host institution. Related challenges to assess the quality of such proposals are also significant. Objective and deliverables: the objective of this workshop is to discuss ways to improving processes for organizing and evaluating interdisciplinary research projects together with experts from Europe’s leading research council.

The workshop will present a platform for connecting research, administration and policy- and decision-makers interested in interdisciplinary research. A workshop report with recommendations will be disseminated after the event.

Questions to be explored:
• How has knowledge production changed over the last decades, and what are the impacts on the organisation of research?
• What is the meaning of ‘success’ in interdisciplinary research?
• By what criteria might the success of an evaluation process for interdisciplinary research be judged?
• Based on an overview on established evaluation processes and successful projects
at the ERC and in Luxembourg: what can be learnt?
• What are organisational requisites to allow for meaning-making across disciplinary boundaries?


Please register by 10 October 2010 by sending an e-mail or fax with the registration form to:

Contact: Danielle Schwirtz-Lejeune; tel.: + 352 46 66 44 6942

Programme (.PDF)

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