Technician – Molecular and cellular biology

Research technician – Molecular and cellular biology

The Laboratoire de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire du Cancer (LBMCC) is a research team of about 20 persons dedicated to basic and applied research in the field of cancer and inflammation. The lab has four main research axes:

  • Natural products,
  • Anemia and Cancer
  • Epigenetics
  • Apoptosis and inflammation

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The applicant will actively contribute to the daily life of the lab and contribute to execute experiments in one of the research teams. The applicant will work within a team of 3-4 research assistants and contribute to both the general maintenance of the lab as well as the specific experiments of one group.

Applicants should efficiently use equipment o achieve:

– Protein analysis

Protein extraction methods and dosage (Bradford)

Western blot (Biorad system)

Cell fractionation

– RNA analysis

Purification of total and mRNA (Qiagen)

RT-PCR (ABI equipment)

– DNA extraction  (Qiagen)

– Cell culture methods (adherent and non adherent cell lines)

– Flow cytometry (basic use of a Facscalibur and software)

The person will also be in charge of maintaining the lab’s equipment, preparation of solutions, sterilization and maintenance.

Candidates should have at least a Bachelor degree in a related topic. Good communication and writing skills are required. The lab’s working language is English.

Please contact with full CV and recommendation letters:

Dr. Marc Diederich

Fondation Recherche sur le Cancer et les Maladies du Sang

Laboratoire de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire du Cancer (LBMCC)

Hôpital Kirchberg

9, rue Edward Steichen

L-2540 Luxembourg

Phone: +352 2468-4040

Fax: + 352 2468-4060


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