Sustainability of Constructions_

This course aims to provide a wide overview of the sustainability of the construction sector and, in particular, of steel construction. Furthermore, the course aims to develop advanced skills and competency in the field of sustainability.

The course consists of 3 parts, divided in 3 days, and it is followed by a general discussion in relation to the topics addressed in the course. The discussion will take place in the second part of the last day.


– To provide a clear understanding of the concepts of Sustainable Development (SD) and Sustainable Construction (SC);

– To understand the challenge of the application of the principles of SD to the construction sector;

– To identify the advantages and disadvantages of steel and steel construction in the context of SC;

– To take advantage of steel structures in the pursuit of SC;

– To provide essential knowledge in relation to methodologies and tools for the assessment of sustainability;

– To apply these skills in the promotion of steel buildings in the context of SC.


– Part A – Sustainability of steel and steel structures & Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA)

– Part B – Thermal Behaviour and Energy efficiency in buildings

– Part C – Assessment of the sustainability of buildings

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