Submission of the AM1 and AM2a_

The new FNR online submission system is now open for the submission of the AM1 and AM2a proposals.

All applications have to be submitted via the new system https://grants.fnr.luas of today.

For the first steps in the online submission system, we have created a very explicative tutorial that you may consult by clicking on Help on the site (Tutorial also available under « Forms and Guidelines« ).

Please note that you have to register before being able to use this system.

For any technical problems or questions, please contact us by email at tech-support@fnr.luor call our Help Desk at +352 26 19 25 58
If you encounter any connection problems to the system, please install the LuxTrust certificate from

Many thanks for your understanding and please contact us directly if you have any open questions.

Best regards,

The AM Team

Contact persons:
Angelina Frank: tel. + 352 26 19 25 39 or
Sylvie Heinisch: tel. + 352 26 19 25 38 or

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