Luxembourgish Nutrition Conference_

The « Second Luxembourgish Nutrition Conference (Nulux) – Dietary Composition, Pattern and Health », organised by the CRP Gabriel Lippmann will take place on

Monday 9 May 2011 at 09:00 (registration & poster setup at 08:00) at the Domaine Thermal Mondorf (av. des Bains, Mondorf-les-Bains).

The conference will discuss, on an interdisciplinary basis, the current state of knowledge on the relation between dietary patterns/selected dietary ingredients and health, with a focus on the prevention of diseases, especially chronic health complications such as obesity, diabetes, and cancer, but also other worldwide diseases related to diet. Contributions will include epidemiological data, dietary intervention, or results from in-vitro investigations focussing on the relation of dietary ingredients and markers of health, such as inflammatory processes, oxidative stress, nutritional status, and many more.

The program will consist of keynote lectures, oral presentations, and poster sessions.

Nulux 2011- funded by the National Research Fund – is organised in cooperation with Luxembourgish Dietician Organization and Luxembourgish BioHealth Cluster.

All information about the conference & call for papers are available on


-Abstract submission: 18 April 2011

– Registration: 29 April 2011

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