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Within the framework of Design Friends’ 5 year anniversary, Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain will host in 2015 the Resolute – Design changes exhibition that has initially been on show at the Graphic Design Festival 2014 in Breda (NL). Design Friends will partner up as associated curators to the exhibition and will present a selection of works by Luxembourg-based designers.

Hence, Design Friends is calling on designers to submit project proposals.

Selected projects will form an integral part of the Resolute – Design changesexhibition at Casino from January – April 2015 and will be documented in a publication.

Exhibition theme

The development of graphic design used to be shaped by the forces in power; like religion, politics and money. Man’s natural ability to interpret visual messages was exploited. Driven by technological inventions an innovative race in communication emerged, propelling graphic designers as important influencers of man’s behaviour and opinions.

Now existing structures are being questioned more then ever, it seems like other forces are shaping graphic design. A counter reaction submerges, allowing graphic designers to take up their social responsibility in connecting ideas, information and people.

Unlike the past this counter reaction is not just visualizing protest in order to make people reconsider choices and ideas. Today’s activism is designed as activation, making use of technological development and social awareness to truly engage people in creating new connections.

This attitude also works the other way around; the need to create new connections demands creative use of technology and constant revision of the design profession. Design not just changes the way we look at our society; our society changes the way we look at design.

Resolute – Design changes explores the current state of social responsibility taken up by designers. In vigorous projects these firm designers are determined to contribute to the process of change in society and their profession. Based on moderation, inspiration and engagement they encourage people to shape their opinions and stimulate them to take action.

Call for entries / eligibility

This call for entries is open to all designers, creatives, thinkers and/or activists – individuals or collectives – wishing to work on the exhibition theme. We are welcoming existing works although new creations will be preferred.

Applicants are free to choose their means of artistic expression (graphic design, video, photography, print…) insofar as the work fits into the exhibition theme.

The application file should include the following information:
–    an explanation of the project (text in French, German or English)
–    a short biography and personal statement
–    a selection of visuals (sketches, simulations, photos, …)

Selection procedure

The jury members are:
Design Friends board members (Nadine Clemens, Mike Koedinger, Anabel Witry, Guido Kröger, Mik Muhlen);
Dennis Elbers, creative director of the Graphic Design Festival Breda (NL) and curator of the Resolute – Design changes exhibition;
Sven Ehmann, creative director of Gestalten Verlag (D) and curator of the Resolute – Design changes exhibition;
Kevin Muhlen, artistic director of Casino Luxembourg.

The jury will carefully select the projects for the exhibition to be on show at Casino in 2015 based on the relevance and the quality of the work.

Deadline for applications
The closing date for applications is Friday 5 September 2014, 6 p.m. 
Applicants are requested to inform us until 25 July 2014 via e-mail if they wish to participate.
Selected designers will be informed of the jury results via email by mid-September 2014.

Further information about the exposition could be found on the Design Friends website.

All the upper mentioned information are to be sent in a single printable PDF file per e-mail to the attention of Nadine Clemens,

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