Programme overview

The objective of the PSP-Flagship scheme is to set up long-term science outreach activities with a sustainable and lasting impact on the promotion of science to the public in Luxembourg.

The programme supports projects and initiatives that allow lay audiences to come into contact with science and research in an interactive way.

Who can apply for PSP-Flagship?

PSP-Flagship is directed at public institutions with a research assignment in Luxembourg as well as not-for-profit associations, foundations and other public institutions engaged in promoting science and research to the public. Private individuals are not eligible to apply.

How to get funding

The PSP-Flagship funding is intended for a 3-year period (compulsory duration). Projects may obtain co-funding of up to EUR 350,000 – 400,000 (exceptions may be possible if duly justified).

Co-funding by the applicants and/or other sources than the FNR is expected and preference will be given to projects with higher portions of co-funding. It is also highly desirable that projects operate in a continuing and self-sustaining manner in the long term.


There are no restrictions in terms of the project format as long as it is adapted to a target lay audience (e.g. pupils, students, teachers, educators or adult laypeople of any kind). The promotion of science or research needs to be placed at the centre and projects must include the active participation of the audience. They should have an interactive, hands-on element and, if possible, support the (repeated) exchange with the audience. Projects must also aim for maximum visibility. The programme is open to proposals from all scientific disciplines. Both new and ongoing projects are eligible.

How to apply

Calls for PSP-Flagship will be launched periodically and will be announced via the FNR website.

All applications must be submitted through the online Grant Management System.

Application documents

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