This event will explain what co-design is and how it can be used in a product, service, or organization development process and show how design professionals do empower, encourage, and guide users and clients to develop solutions together. It is generally recognized that the quality of design increases if the stakeholders’ interests are considered in the design process. Co-design is a development of systems thinking, which according to C. West Churchman « begins when first you view the world through the eyes of another.”

9am – 12pm Co-design Master class – ImaginationLancaster, Lancaster University (UK) by Dr. Leon Cruickshank & Gemma Coupe

This interactive master class is for people who are new to co-design – an approach where private or public sector developers and designers collaborate with end users to design new products, services or spaces.

Using a considered co-design approach ensures that the finished product reflects in-depth research, knowledge exchange and ideas generation with a diverse range of people. A true co-design process aims to facilitate innovation, rather than an averaging out of ideas and opinions.

ImaginationLancaster, part of Lancaster University has developed a set of guiding principles based on their research and experience as part of the PROUD project. The session will explore the fundamentals of great co-design and help to equip you to undertake effective co-design projects.

In parallel – Fab Lab Luxembourg Demonstration :

Open doors of the Fab Lab Luxembourg. Demonstration of techniques & possibilities on all machines and explanation of services. Presented by Rodolfo Baïz

14pm – 18pm Co-design Seminar

6 cases on co-design, discussion and networking:

– Protection of perishable goods with DuPont™ Tyvek® Air Cargo Covers by Malik Zeniti, Dupont de Nemours (L)

– Co-design is like travelling – Station Beukelaan, Eindhoven by Ingrid van der Wacht, Capital-D (NL)

– Open source in design: a threat or a necessity for design in its role of problem solving and innovation? Dr. Peter Troxler, Rotterdam (NL)

– Reinforcing the Human Touch. Transforming the Waiting Experience for Patients in the ER at Esbjerg Hospital, Esbjerg Denmark by Tom Hynek (L)

– Workplace concept development through co-design by Joel Muller, Steelcase, Strasbourg (F)

– Service design & co-design case by Michael Höhne, DeHerenvanDesign (NL)

Detailed planning and content will follow soon and be available on the website:


« first come first served » before Monday the 13th of May 2013:

(No participation fee)


1. Master class (morning). Limited number of 20 participants.

2. Fab Lab Demonstration (morning)

3. Seminar (afternoon)

About PROUD:

PROUD stands for People Researchers Organisations Using Design for innovation and co-creation

PROUD brings designers together with public organisations, businesses and user communities to experience the added value of design thinking and design, while working on innovative solutions for today’s real world problems.

PROUD helps and supports designers to have the right facilities, knowledge and expertise to play this key role in innovating, improving and consolidating people’s lives, businesses and public services across Europe.

PROUD is about transnational development of methods for co-designing services, products and processes that address unmet needs.


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