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The service sector plays a progressively more important role in the economy. It is generally acknowledged that technology change and innovation are major drivers of economic growth and lie at the very heart of the competitive process.
Transforming knowledge into economically viable products, processes or services is quite complex. The innovation process combines several steps, such as analysis of opportunities and threats, research and development, implementation and production, marketing and services. All these activities are closely interwoven and interdependent.
The public research system in Luxembourg is very new when compared to international standards. The creation of new institutions, such as the University of Luxembourg, and new infrastructures, such as the “City of Sciences”, illustrate the rapid changes facing the research landscape.
Despite major investments, a small country like Luxembourg only has very limited resources for research when compared to the global spending. It is therefore imperative that the “National Research Fund” (FNR) focuses its budget increases on a restricted number of promising research areas as “Innovation in Services” as well as on joining forces with other major players on the European market.
The science sector in Poland has undergone major systemic changes recently. Two funding agencies have been set up: the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) – responsible for funding applied research and the National Science Centre – responsible for funding basic research. The new system emphasises to a greater extent pro-quality financing, using excellence and innovative approach as its main criteria of projects’ selection.
The National Centre for Research and Development focuses its activity on strategic programmes for the development of a domestic economy and those targeted to sectors with great potential of innovative solutions brought about through cutting-edge research. The agency also keeps on developing its cooperation with other international partners by setting up programmes dedicated to selected sectors of crucial importance for the European economy.
Therefore, in order to optimise the visibility of Luxembourg and Poland as attractive sites for research activities within Europe, the NCBR and the FNR have reinforced collaboration within the “Innovation in Services” Sector. The chief role of this research sector is to provide valuable knowledge and guidance in relation to the aspects that are important for both country’s economy, society and its environment. The objective of the FNR and the NCBR is thus threefold: to invest in knowledge, human resources and in organizations.

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Further call information, forms and guidelines are available on the FNR and NCBR webpages:
www.fnr.lu/POLLUX and www.ncbir.pl/POLLUX.

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