New building LEE for ETH Zurich_

Fawad Kazi

Fawad Kazi
ETH Zurich LEE Building

Edited by Christoph Wieser

In 2014, ETH Zurich unveiled LEE, a stunning addition to the historic university district commonly known as the “crown of the city.” Ten years in the making, LEE is the culmination of plans by the young architect Fawad Kazi, who was chosen in a public competition. A monument to architecture and urban planning, LEE’s ten stories and three mezzanines offer innovative new office and teaching spaces while simultaneously enhancing the urban surroundings.

Fawad Kazi: ETH Zurich Building LEE fully documents the realization of this extraordinary project with contributions from the client, ETH Zurich; the engineers; and the architect himself. Richly illustrated with images by photographers Georg Aerni and Rolf Steinegger as well as many plans, the book includes a comprehensive documentation of the entire building, including many technical details and three hundred plans and images—most in full color. Among the topics discussed are the construction challenges posed by the massive precast concrete structure, the role of sustainability in the new building, and LEE’s tremendously successful integration into its urban context.

Text English and German

ISBN 978-3-906027-82-1

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