MANUNET Call 2011_

MANUNET is a network of Governments under the European 7th Framework Programme targeted towards achieving co-ordinated calls in order to finance R&D in Manufacturing. MANUNET is funding transnational research projects in the field of Manufacturing by offering coordinated calls from the participating regional & national governments.
Objectives and Topics:

MANUNET is funding transnational research projects in the field of manufacturing by offering coordinated calls from the participating regional and national governments. The strategic objective of the MANUNET Call 2011 is to enhance the competitiveness of Europe’s Manufacturing Industry by supporting the funding of Manufacturing research projects performed by enterprises and their strategic partnerships.

The MANUNET Call 2011 for proposals includes all fields in Manufacturing, structured in the following topics:
• Information and communication technologies for manufacturing including industrial robotics

• Environmental and energy technologies

• Knowledge-based engineering technologies (computer-aided engineering and design, automated manufacturing, product lifetime management, etc.)

• Adaptive manufacturing technologies: processes for removing, joining, adding, forming, consolidating, assembling

• Other technologies/products related to the manufacturing field


The MANUNET 2011 call is open for entities belonging to these regions/countries: Asturias (Spain), Basque Country (Spain), Catalonia (Spain), Estonia, Franche-Comté (France), Germany, Israel, Lower Austria (Austria), Luxembourg, Navarra (Spain), Northern Ireland (United Kingdom), Piedmont (Italy), Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland, Turkey, Tuscany (Italy), Wallonia (Belgium), Western Greece (Greece).

New participant: France (OSEO)
Eligible project structure:

All MANUNET projects must be designed on the following principle: consortia consisting of at least 2 independent SMEs belonging to 2 participating countries, or 2 regions in different countries (see list of regions/countries in the guidelines).

Large companies, academic research groups, universities or other public organisations, as well as subcontractors, may also participate according to their regional/national financing regulations, as long as there are 2 independent SMEs belonging to 2 different participating countries.

Search for partners:
Expressions of Interest (EoI) search Tool is devoted to search and find partners for common projects within the MANUNET network and offers the possibility to look for cooperation with other potential partners.

Call documents & How to submit

  • All relevant call information and the submission details are available on and/or on
  • FNR specific documents which have to be submitted to FNR only can be found in the FNR Guidelines MANUNET II Call 2011.

The pre-proposals and full-proposals must be submitted on-line by the project coordinator using the MANUNET website

Call Deadlines:

  • Preproposal Submission Deadline is 17 March 2011
  • Full-proposal submission Deadline: is 14 July 2011

Contact at the FNR:

Luxembourg applicants should inform FNR about their participation.

For further information or assistance, please contact: Christiane Kaell (, +352 261925-34)

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