Memorandum of Understanding on future collaboration_

Luxinnovation,  the National Agency  for  Innovation  and Research,  and  the  Interdisciplinary  Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust  (SnT) of  the University of  Luxembourg have entered a  long-term partnership to jointly develop innovation, research and education in the Security and Trust area.

With this agreement, Luxinnovation and the SnT further intensify their collaboration in several fields:
•  cluster activities and industrial partnerships,
•  European research projects,
•  valorisation and support to spin-off companies,
•  events and dissemination of research results.
The  collaboration  between  the  SnT  and  Luxinnovation will  take  place  in  the  context  of  the  general partnership agreement signed between Luxinnovation and the University of Luxembourg in 2007 and renewed in 2009.

Luxinnovation  offers  advice  and  personalised  support  services  as  access  to  funding  opportunities, partner search, start-ups, etc. to actors  in  the field of R&D and  innovation  . The Agency  informs and supports companies, research organisations and innovative project promoters throughout all stages of their projects. It also assists and advises the government in the field of R&D and innovation and is part of the main European networks in this area.

SnT,  launched  in  2009  by  the University  of  Luxembourg,  SnT  is  an  internationally  leading  research facility  that  together  with  external  partners  establishes  Luxembourg  as  a  European  centre  of excellence  and  innovation  for  secure,  reliable,  and  trustworthy  information  and  communications technologies  (ICT). To create great  impact, SnT  follows an  interdisciplinary research approach,  taking not only  technical  aspects  into  account but  also  addressing business, human,  and  regulatory  issues. SnT provides a platform for interaction and collaboration between university researchers and external partners.

With  the  signature of  this Memorandum of Understanding  (MoU), Luxinnovation becomes  the ninth member to join the SnT Partnership Program. This program enables SnT and its corporate partners to develop  research  collaborations  and  new  technologies.  Research  is  conducted  jointly  in  partnered projects  where  SnT  and  partners  contribute  know-how  and  resources  to  achieve  common  goals. Partners contribute to SnT at all levels: from a representation on the governing board, to operational support through the industrial advisory board, as well as by contributing resources to projects.

According to Gilles Schlesser, Managing Director of Luxinnovation and Björn Ottersten, Director of SnT, “this partnership is a significant step to intensify and formalise our common activities based on mutual interests and a shared vision”.

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