Luxembourg Pavilion Hannover Messe_

Hannover’s annual trade fair styles itself. The world’s leading showcase for industrial technology, materials and product ideas and it is hard to disagree. The 2010 Messe drew over 200,000 people of whom a quarter came from outside Germany.

Most of these international visitors were European, but one fifth were from Asia and 7% from the Americas. Around 6,150 exhibitors from 61 countries filled the 225,000 square metre display area which featured more than 4,000 new products. Over half the exhibitors were non-German. For 2011, Hannover Messe organisers have indicated that the spotlight will be on industrial automation, energy, technology, industrial subcontracting and cutting-edge technologies. The Ministry of the Economy and Foreign Trade will lead efforts at this fair with a Luxembourg Pavilion between 4-8 April 2011. The Luxembourg Day at Hannover Messe will be celebrated on 5th April.

For further details please contact Mr André Hansen from the Ministry of the Economy and Foreign Trade under or call +352 2478-84131

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