Luxembourg Innovation Masterclass_

Open Lecture followed by a Seminar held by
Prof. Hugo Tschirky (ETH Zurich)
Conference Centre, Chamber of Commerce I Luxembourg

1 December 2010 – Open Lecture
3 December 2010 – Seminar on Innovation and Technology Management

Following the global economic downturn of the last two years Luxembourg’s economy
is currently facing a decisive turning point in terms of economic competitiveness.
In order to get back on the path of sustained growth through competitiveness,
the country needs to refocus and cultivate its innovative potential. It is generally believed
that Luxembourg’s industry needs to further strengthen its innovation capability.
This is why LUXINNOVATION, the National Agency for Innovation and Research
in collaboration with Prof. Tschirky of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
(ETH Zurich), has developed the Luxembourg Innovation Masterclass.

Luxembourg Innovation Masterclass –
fostering innovation management excellence.

The Innovation Masterclass is an advanced training programme focusing on what is fast
becoming one of the core competencies for long term growth in the global economy:
building competitive advantage through innovation capacity.

It comprises an Open Lecture and a one-day Seminar with workshops, training
participants in the latest methods and tools necessary to make their organisation
a world-class innovator.

Invitation (.PDF)

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