Laser Technology Competence Center at the University of Luxemburg_

The University invite to the official opening ceremony of the Laser Technology Competence Center at the University of Luxemburg in presence of the Minister of Economy and Trade Etienne Schneider and the President of the University Prof. Dr. Rolf Tarrach.

October 1st 2012 8:30 at Université du Luxembourg 6, rue Coudenhove-Kalergi“Salle Paul Feidert“

The inauguration will be completed with a conference of laser suppliers and laser users. Please find the complete agenda in the attached document. laser kolloquium pdf

The colloquium is free of charge, however, we kindly ask you to use the attached link to sing-in in order to facilitate our planning:

about Prof. Dr. Peter Plapper

Manufacturing Engineering to support industry

Numerous companies use laser processing as enabling technology to manufacture innovative products. Often, this niche technology facilitates special product features, which are essential for the overall product. The Mission of the Laser Technology Competence Center (LTCC) is to provide a focal point for manufacturing related laser research and to offer education in cutting edge laser production technologies. This will offer the students of the university the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and gather profound knowledge of the versatile tool laser by solving industrial and scientific problems.

In addition to laser welding of dissimilar materials Prof.

Plapper and his team of manufacturing experts investigate novel methods for robotic assembly and use lean management methods to support the industry of the greater region to increase manufacturing competitiveness. Thus, the main pillars of the manufacturing engineering research will be laser processing, robotic assembly and lean management.

Prof. Dr. Peter Plapper studied Mechanical Engineering at TU Kaiserslautern and obtained his PhD at the Laboratory for tool machines (WZL) at RWTH Aachen. His thesis was awarded with the Borchers Medal for excellent scientific accomplishments. Since 1994, he worked for Adam Opel and General Motors in different management positions in manufacturing engineering with increasing responsibility. He developed innovative production technologies, implemented tool machines and coordinated the refurbishment of robotic assembly lines. At one point in time he was involved in all laser installations in the European GM plants.

From 1998 until 2002 Dr. Plapper joined the Tech Center of GM in Michigan, USA where he shaped the global manufacturing strategy for Body Shop and General Assembly, which can be seen in all plants around the globe. During his industrial career Peter Plapper worked on many different laser applications, led the installation of assembly lines in many automotive plants and was responsible as head of Manufacturing Engineering for the equipment of all shops in plant Russelsheim. Following his assignment as European head of advanced manufacturing technologies Dr. Peter Plapper was appointed in 2010 professor for manufacturing engineering to the University of Luxembourg.

Introduction by Prof. Paul Heuschling, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication.

A conference of laser suppliers and laser users will follow after the visit of the LTCC.

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