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The aim of the INTER Mobility Programme is to promote the scientific exchange between research groups of the Luxembourg public research institutions and research groups abroad in order to foster innovative, internationally competitive research and support the exchange of key knowledge and technological know-how. Thus the activities should have a strong impact on the research programme of the Luxembourg research group as well as on the career development of the researcher. The INTER Mobility Programme allows for research stays in both directions (researchers working in Luxembourg to go abroad or for researchers from elsewhere to come to Luxembourg).

More specifically, the FNR intends to support:

Post-Docs and senior researchers working in Luxembourg to visit the leading research institutions in the field or
The visit of established senior researchers in Luxembourg public research institutions.
Within the INTER Mobility Scheme, the FNR does not intend to support research stays of early stage researchers (e.g. PhD candidates).

This funding instrument also aims to bridge the gap between the research communities in the public and the private sector. Therefore, secondments to private companies outside of Luxembourg are highly welcome.


The beneficiaries has to be a public institution (e.g. University of Luxembourg or the Luxembourg public research centers), a Luxembourg administration or a public service authorised to undertake R&D activities or technology transfer in their respective fields of activity.
The exchange must take place between a Luxembourg public research institution and a foreign public or private institution. If duly justified, the Luxembourg-based researcher may also visit several organisations abroad. If duly justified, the proposal may also cover the expenses for two researchers (e.g. one from the Luxembourg based group to the group abroad and one from the group abroad to the Luxembourg group).
The researcher must be employed as a researcher by his/her home institution before, during, and after the visit; and he/she must not have benefitted of support by this funding instrument within the last three years.
The researcher and the host institution will have to establish a contractual agreement guaranteeing that all necessary arrangements have been met in order to accomplish the secondment successfully.
There are no thematic or geographical limitations
The secondment has to be carried out in a different country from where the fellow has been principally (> 12 months) working in the 24 months preceding the call deadline.
Duration of the research stay and of FNR Funding

The minimal duration of an FNR-funded research stay is 6 weeks.
The total cumulated duration of the research stay is limited to 1 year.
If justified, the research stay may be split in several intervals of at least 6 weeks each. The time between the start of the first stay period and the end of the last stay period is limited to 3 years.
Eligible Costs

Salary costs of the researcher.
Travel costs for researcher and family, if applicable.
Mobility allowance for researcher and family, if applicable.
Other costs (upon justification), e.g. VISA, additional health insurance, etc.
Overhead costs are not eligible.

For more detailed information about eligible costs, please consult the guidelines.

Call Documents

Please click here for the Call Documents.

Call Deadlines

Deadline for submission: 20 January or the first working day afterwards
Funding decision: by the end of April
Call Submission Procedure

All proposals must be submitted before the relevant submission deadline in electronic format to the FNR online submission system

Call Review Process

Please click here for the Review Form and the Peer Review Guidelines.

Contacts at the FNR: Dr. Carlo Duprel, Josiane Staus

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