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The Young Scientists of Luxembourg are very happy to invite you to the Global Village Presentation in the Cercle Munster on the 28th of February 2013.

Our guest speaker this year is Richard M. Brandt, the Director of the Iacocca Institute and the Global Village at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Furthermore there will be a recapitulation of Claire Roseren’s experiences of last year’s Global Village.

We also invite you to lend your support to two young scientists that are eager to participate in the Global Village.

The Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry
Last year The Young Scientists As-sociation Luxembourg had the pleas-ure of introducing you to Ms. Claire Roseren, the first ‘Global Villager’ from Luxembourg, This year we are pleased to invite you to a presenta-tion by Richard M. Brandt, the Di-rector of the Iacocca Institute and the Global Village at Lehigh Univer-sity in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
Global Village is designed for experienced young professionals and advanced students who share the dream of building a leadership career in business and industry and who want to form an active and lasting global network. Partici-pants learn new tools and gain insightful perspectives that are essential to be-coming successful leaders in a global world.
Mr. Brandt will speak on his 15 years of experience with the diverse group of over 1550 individuals from more than 128 countries who have attended the intensive five-week program each year. He will also intro-duce ‘Global Village on the Move’ a one or two week mobile leadership program of seminars and workshops that is held at different locations around the globe.
Perhaps we can convince Mr. Brandt to bring this unpar-alleled learning experience to Luxembourg sometime in the future!

1. Review of Ms. Roseren’s experience at GV 2012
Mr. John Frank
2. Introduction to Young Scientists Assoc. Luxembourg
Mr. Carlo Hansen
3. Presentation on Global Village by Guest Speaker
Mr. Richard Brandt

Please find attached the invitation as a pdf document.



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