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Telindus Luxembourg is proud to announce that it has been honoured, for the second time, by EuroCloud Luxembourg with the “EuroCloud Luxembourg Awards” which recognizes the best Cloud Computing customer reference in the Private Sector. This strengthens its position as Luxembourg’s N°1 for Cloud Computing solutions. The customer “Compagnie de Construction Luxembourgeoise” (CDCL) benefits from Telindus Telecom’s global Cloud and connectivity solutions that provide them with all the ICT services, including telephony, from the cloud platform.

The ceremony took place at the Neumünster Abbey in Luxembourg, under the patronage of François Biltgen, Minister for Communications, at the Golden-i Awards & Gala event on May 10, 2012.

Following the success of the first contest last year, EuroCloud Luxembourg, the association of the Luxembourg Cloud Computing and SaaS industry and member of the pan-European EuroCloud network, launched its second edition of the “EuroCloud Luxembourg Awards” with four categories: “Best Start Up”, “Best Cloud Service Product”, “Best Case Study Example of Cloud Services for the Private Sector”, “Best Case Study Example of Cloud Services for the Public Sector”. Among 8 competitors, Telindus was awarded with the “Best Case Study of Cloud Services for the Private Sector”. This award distinguishes companies whose underlying business approach fosters a broad and comprehensive use of Cloud services in that sector. Telindus Luxembourg won thanks to the attractiveness of the offered services, the achievable benefits and competitive advantage for the customer, as well as new and pioneering marketing and sales concepts.

“We are very proud of this award which rewards our ongoing innovative growth strategy that includes continually investing in infrastructure and staff and strengthening its «IT-as-a-Service» range of solutions. It is a success shared with CDCL that rewards our common effort and our reliable relationship. In January 2012, CDC became CDCL with a new headquarter and new technologies, but it kept the same partner, which is a great honor. The most important thing for us is to enable decision-makers to address the challenge of innovation, in order to stay competitive and to ensure long-term growth.” said Gérard Hoffmann, Chairman & Managing Director of Telindus Luxembourg.

The « EuroCloud Luxembourg Awards » is a unique opportunity to help increase the visibility of innovative companies in the field of Cloud Computing and SaaS and to help set up a market for those applications in Luxembourg and all over Europe. Winners of the “EuroCloud Luxembourg Awards” will also be considered automatically for the “EuroCloud European Awards 2012” alongside competitors from other European countries. Winners of the local award programs will be presented at the “European EuroCloud Congress” October 27/28, 2012 in Luxembourg and there they will compete to get the European EuroCloud Awards.

About Telindus Luxembourg
Telindus Luxembourg is the Belgacom Group’s ICT branch and, through Telindus Telecom, the Group’s enterprise operator in Luxembourg, it provides solutions to a variety of private and public-sector companies. Its areas of expertise include enterprise networks and connectivity, datacenters, security, collaboration, applications and mobility.

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