ERA-Net ECO-Innovera focuses on the support of eco-innovation in research and development.

As a contribution to the new EU strategy stressing the role of eco-innovation for competitiveness, the ERA-Net ECO-INNOVERA will fund transnational and multidisciplinary R&D projects considering social, environmental, market and technological issues.

The FNR participates with 12 other funding agencies from FR, BE, CH, DE, AU, SE, ES, PO, FI and TU in the implementation of this call (budget up to 15M€).

The FNR has reserved a budget of 500.000€ for the funding of the participation of Luxembourg-based researchers from the public research institutions.

The first Joint Call is open to public and private research organizations, non-profit organizations as well as to industry; especially SMEs are highly welcome to apply for funding in transnational consortia (according to national rules). Projects should well describe the expected economic and environmental impact of the related eco-innovations as well as investigating potential societal changes. Clear and realistic recommendations for policy makers should be developed on measures to support the implementation of eco-innovation along the whole value chain and its diffusion in the society.

The First Joint Call focuses on resource efficiency as a main driver of eco-innovation including new business models and systemic approaches, addressing the following topics:

  • Paradigm change: Eco-innovation aims at the emergence of new types of sustainable production/consumption value chains using systemic approaches (life cycle thinking). Paradigm changes can e.g. be embedded in new business models.
  • Sustainable industrial processes and products: ECO-INNOVERA intends to support research for environmental improvements in industrial sectors with high impact on greenhouse gas emission, resource and energy efficiency, waste production or environmental pollution (water, air, soils).
  • Recycling and waste re-use: The general outline of this topic is « Making more and better with waste: new products and better products with waste materials ».

Deadline for the submission of proposals: 30.09.2011, at 12 a.m. (Paris local time)

The Terms of Reference of the first Joint Call in the ERA-Net ECO-INNOVERA are available for download here

For further information on the participation of Luxembourg researchers please contact:
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