Engineering Trainee Days 2014_

The project “Engineering Trainee Days” aims at promoting the profession of an engineer or scientist to higher level students (grades 11th – 13th, 3th – 1st) by offering them an insight into daily work and the professional, language-related and relational needs of an engineer. The experiences taken in by the student differ fundamentally from those collected by a business visit since during the Engineer Trainee Days, the student accompanies the engineer in his daily work during two days.

This project is an initiative by both the Luxembourg Association of Businesses (ALI) and the association Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg asbl. The fourth edition of the “Engineering Trainee Days” runs between October 27 and October 30 2014, during All Saints Week school holidays.

All interested businesses are asked to fill out the online form: in order to give us the necessary information for the set-up of these two days. The deadline to send us the form is the 4th of July at the latest. contrat de stage pdf

As this placement runs during official school holidays, we kindly ask you to complete the contract that has been sent to you in order to provide assurance for the students (one contract for each student). Please return these to:

Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg asbl
c/o Emma Zimer
Phone: 26 11 01 – 21
BP 1373
L-1013 Bertrange

We will confirm your signup by mid-July and send you information about the concerned students that have been selected to take part in your business after the beginning of the new school year 2014-2015. During all this time we are at your service for any questions or suggestions that you may have.

The “ETD” allow the students:
To have an channelled insight into the tasks of an engineer or scientist that give them a better understanding of the profession and facilitate their future choice of a profession;
To receive a certificate of participation, distributed in December by the Ministry of Education, of Childhood and Youth.

The “EDT” offer you the opportunity to:
Conquer new workforce;
Promote the various engineering professions and their possible outlets;
Present your business in a positive light to the outside world;
Commit in the “CSR” sector.

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