EMBO Seminar_

Promoting Excellence in Molecular Life Sciences in Europe

Funding, training and networking opportunities to boost your scientific career

Access to funding, training and networking is essential for young scientists to develop their research careers.

The adhesion of Luxembourg to the European Molecular Biology Conference (EMBC) and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) set up under the European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO) umbrella, offers Luxembourg researchers a wide range of opportunities to play an active role in the European molecular biology scene.

Specific key programmes are offering grants and fellowships to early career scientists – from PhD-students and postdoctoral fellows to young research group leaders. Funding is also available to cover the costs associated with the organisation of conferences, workshops, practical courses and symposia as well as plenary lectures.

The aim of the seminar is to inform students and scientists specialised in molecular life sciences about the numerous opportunities offered by EMBC and EMBL.

The seminar will take place on Tuesday 19 October 2010 from 14h30 until 16h30 at the Chambre de Commerce (7, rue Alcide de Gaspéri, Luxembourg-Kirchberg)


14:30 Welcome: Josiane Entringer, Ministry of Higher Education and Research

14:45 EMBO – Promoting excellence in molecular life sciences in Europe: Anne-Marie Glynn, European Molecular Biology Organisation, EMBO, Heidelberg, Germany

15:15 Opportunities offered by EMBC and EMBL: Anne-Marie Glynn, EMBO, Heidelberg, Germany

15:45 Why EMBL matters – a Luxembourg PhD student at EMBL: Corinne Kox, EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany

16:00 Conclusion: Françoise Liners, Luxembourg BioHealth Cluster Manager, Luxinnovation

16:15 Get together

Venue & Registration

Please register online before 15 October 2010.
Free entrance – Registration mandatory.
The parking of the Chambre de Commerce will be available to visitors.

Contact at Luxinnovation:
Françoise Liners, Luxembourg Biohealth Cluster Manager
email: francoise.liners@luxinnovation.lu phone: 00352 43 62 63 1

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