Data Mining Applications_

AI Lecture Series, Vol. III
Data Mining Applications (2010)

The series of lectures « Data Mining » will last from October until December 2010.
26-10 / 02-11 / 09-11 / 16-11 / 23-11 / 30-11 / 07-12

The 7th lecture « Forensic Linguistics » by Dr. Sabine Erhardt, Federal Office of Criminal Investigation (BKA), Wiesbaden, Germany will take place on Tuesday 7  December 2010 from 16h00 until 17h30 at the Campus Kirchberg of the University of Luxembourg (room B02, 6, rue Coudenhove Kalergi).

Participation to the conference is free of charge.

Who should attend?
The presentations will be performed in such a way that they are understandable for non-experts. Each contribution aims at a stimulating as well as vivid knowledge transfer through a mixture of the conception of fundamentals, the presentation of experiences and pro ject results, and the introduction of underlying theoretical concepts. With respect to this, all interested persons from academics, industry, and other fields with a particular interest in Data Mining are kindly invited.

The program of the lecture series which is funded by the National Research Fund can be downloaded on

Contact at the University of Luxembourg:

Prof. Dr. Christoph Schommer – Dept. of Computer Science & Communication.

Partner of the Luxembourg Portal for Innovation and Research.
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