Composites Europe, 2012_

Airtech is proud to launch the latest product development in its sealant tape range. The Airseal sealant tape series is available in new versions: – Airseal 2 ST is the cost effective sealant tape with strong tackiness which provides an immediate and excellent adhesion to most surfaces for vacuum bag applications up to 150 °C.

-Airseal 2 HT Twin is the ideal sealant tape for vacuum bagging applications requiring double bagging. The simultaneous application of the two stripes of sealant tapes saves time, effort and increase reliability of the process. If cost and product reliability are primary consideration, choose Airtech Airseal sealant tapes!

August 2012

Innovative Dahlpac MC79

Dahlpac MC79 is an easy to use strip material that allows vacuum to be applied over the surface of a composite laminate with no resin bleed out and little part mark-off. Dahlpac MC79 is constructed with Dahltexx SP-2 fabric which breaths efficiently and can control resin flow. Wrapped inside the Dahltexx SP-2 is a breather mesh which provides an efficient air path along the length of the Dahlpac allowing trapped and residual air to be removed from a laminate before and during infusion.

Airtech has demonstrated the technique of breather strips constructed with Dahltexx SP-2 & Mesh for a number of years, now Dahlpac delivers the same powerful technique as a single product placement. Dahlpac aids air removal during resin infusion, avoiding dry patched, simplifying infusion strategies and reducing bagging time.

Airtech is a manufacturer of processing materials to the world’s composite and tooling industries.
We offer the auxiliary materials for the vacuum bagging, wet lay-up, resin infusion processes. Our product range consists of: vacuum bagging films up to ultra high temperature and very large width, release films and release liquids, pressure sensitive tapes, peel plies, breathers and bleeders, vacuum bag sealant tapes, vacuum bag connectors and hoses, rubber, tooling materials, carbon and glass reinforcements. Airtech Europe is an ISO 9001:2000 and EN/ AS 9100 registered company.

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