Communicating with children and young people: from laboratory to learning centre_

There is great call for “public understanding of science”, and many scientists feel that besides conducting excellent research, they should also be entertainers. Our new seminar looks into how theoretical science can be turned into a specific project with children and young people. What are laypeople interested in? What methods can be used to communicate research questions? How demanding or simple should a project be? During this afternoon workshop, we’ll aim to leap from theory to practice and draw on your ideas to devise a roadmap for specific, successful projects.

Target audience : Researchers, science communicators, communication managers, anyone interested in scientific communication.
Workshop leaders : Claudia von See, Michel Grevis

Michel Grevis is Manager of the Hollenfels Youth Centre for education on sustainable development run by the National Youth Service (Service National de la Jeunesse) in Luxembourg. Every year, the Centre Hollenfels gives over 10,000 children and young people the opportunity to learn about the key areas of sustainable development. Michel Grevis has been organising and managing (advanced) training courses for teachers and communicators for many years, with a particular emphasis on thematic didactics.

Claudia von See studied biology and geography at the University of Hamburg before training as a journalist at the German School of Journalism (Deutsche Journalistenschule) in Munich. She is currently Editor-in-chief of the German magazine “Biologie in unserer Zeit” (Biology in Our Time) and a freelancer for the science editorial offices of various daily newspapers. As well as working on various book projects, she also presents events and manages the Science Writing Workshop (Schreibwerkstatt Naturwissenschaften) at the Literature House Stuttgart (Literaturhaus Stuttgart). She has also published a book entitled “Von Science zu Fiction – Wissenschaft mit anderen Worten”
(From Science to Fiction – Science in Other Words).


Please sign up for the workshop by 12 March 2015 at the latest (limited number of participants).
Jill Mousel, Fonds National de la Recherche (

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