Chercheurs à l’école 2016_

One of the main objectives of the FNR is the promotion of science and research towards the general public, and especially the young. Indeed, our efforts are not only directed towards the active researchers of today, we also wish to inform and motivate the future generation of researchers, i.e. the highschool pupils in Luxembourg.

For this purpose, we organise every year get-togethers between local researchers (having obtained or preparing their PhDs) and highschool pupils within the framework of our campaign “Chercheurs à l’école” (Researchers in school). Scientists of all scientific disciplines go back to school to meet highschool pupils to speak to them about their life as a researcher: the life as a student, their motivation for one or the other scientific discipline, first steps in their professional lives, career challenges and opportunities.

The intervention of the researchers must in no case be a classic, scientific talk! We want to provide informal meetings, enabling the pupils to meet researchers “in flesh and bone” and to receive information on the advantages and also the possible disadvantages of being a scientist.

After the success of the first five editions, we are excited to launch the 6th edition already of the campaign planned from 14 to 18 March 2016, we would like to invite researchers as well as highschools to take part in our new edition. We foresee at least one intervention per researcher in a local highschool, approximately two hours long, together with one or two fellow researchers (from other disciplines).

How do I participate?

Dear researchers, if you like to take an active part in the campaign “Chercheurs à l’école”, please return the registration form to by 14 January 2016 at the latest. A general preparation meeting is planned to take place at the FNR on 24 February (date to be confirmed). You are encouraged to meet up at least once with your fellow researchers before getting together with the pupils.

Dear High school teachers, if you are interested in welcoming a group of researchers in your class, please return the registration form to by 14 January 2016 at the latest. Please note that the incentive is targeted mainly at students of grades 3e, 2e, 1ère, 11e, 12e and 13e.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this request. We would be thrilled if you joined us in this exceptional project!

You have never participated in « Chercheurs à l’école »? Get a glimpse of the past editions through our video.

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