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Airtech will attend the CFK Valley Convention for the 4th consecutive year

Airtech, the world leading manufacturer and supplier of vacuum bagging materials and composite tooling products, continues to develop the innovative products and services on show at CFK Valley Convention, 07-08 June 2011, in Stade. Highlight of Airtech’s latest products includes innovations for composite tooling:
– Beta Prepreg, finalist at the JEC Innovation Award, is based on 21stCentury Benzoxazine resin and toughening technology. It can be stored at room temperature for up to 6 months with no loss of tack and delivers superior laminate properties compared to conventional epoxy and BMI systems. High glass transition temperature (218 °C) and service stability at high temperature ensures long tool life.
– TB G48, a cost effective high temperature carbon fibre tooling board for mould support, jigs and fixtures. The use of TB G48 reduces the tooling coast and improves considerably the performance.
To propose competitive products, Airtech invests regularly in modern production equipment and high technologies. This year Airtech Europe has invested in a new, huge ply cutter machine which is 6m wide x 36m long, one of the largest of its kind currently available. The NC ply cutter allows to produce all requested shapes on almost all vacuum bagging materials  being an important element to meet the permanently growing demands for kitted products. Customized vacuum bagging materials will significantly reduce tooling cycle time and increase the part quality. ”The enquiries presented from our customers show that the FRP-materials are on its way to be established in almost all industrial areas. It further shows that Airtech could reinforce its position as a leader in vacuum bagging and composite tooling technology by investing in the right material developments and production methods.”, Wolfgang Stratmann, the plant manager of Airtech Europe in Luxembourg said. The Convention focuses this year on the leading topic of “CFRP Automation – Simulation, Processes & Materials”. Particularly the topics of automated production and the cost-efficient development of CFRP structures will be the focus of the series of lectures held by representatives from renowned companies and institutes. The CFK-Valley Stade Convention is considered a central meeting point and   trade fair for decision-makers in the field of CFRP with 40 exhibitors and over 450 participants attending last year’s event.

Airtech  is the world leading manufacturer and supplier of vacuum bagging and composite tooling materials serving the composite, bonding and tooling industry. Airtech offers the auxiliary materials for the vacuum bagging, wet lay-up, resin infusion processes. The product range consists of: vacuum bagging films up to ultra high temperature and very  large width, release films and release liquids, pressure sensitive tapes, peel plies, breathers and bleeders, vacuum bag sealant tapes, vacuum bag connectors and hoses, rubber, custom products and kitting, tooling materials, carbon and glass reinforcements.
Airtech  is an ISO 9001:2008 and EN/ AS 9100 registered company.

For further information, please contact:
Press officer  : Silvia Radu
Tel : +352 58 22 82 279  Fax : +352 58 49 35

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