Bioinformatics Conference 2011_

The BeNeLux Bioinformatics Conference (BBC) will be hosted in Luxembourg for the first time.

CRP-Santé is leading its organisation in partnership with the University of Luxembourg and other local institutions. BBC11 will be held on Monday, 12 and Tuesday, 13 December 2011 at the Alvisse Parc Hotel in Luxembourg (Rte d’Echternach). The BBC conference is the premier event for bioinformatics and systems biology research in the BeNeLuX region, and represents a great opportunity to interact with public and private sector researchers from this region and beyond. We anticipate that the BBC will once again provide a stimulating experience for enhancing research, learning and cooperation. BBC11 will discuss advances in bioinformatics and interrelated disciplines, and their wide-ranging applications in health and biotechnologies. A key theme of BBC11 will be “Bioinformatics: Enabling Translational Biomedical Research”. The conference will include an exciting programme of world-class guest speakers and networking activities to promote the role of bioinformatics in finding better ways to prevent, detect and treat disease.

More information:

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