64th Nobel Laureate Meeting_

The Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) hereby announces the call to pre-select two talented young researchers to participate as Luxembourg delegates at the

64th Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau, Germany, 29 June – 4 July 2014.

Each year, ca. 30 Nobel Laureates congregate in Lindau to meet the next generation of leading scientists and researchers. Approximately 550 young researchers from all over the globe will get the unique chance to participate in the meeting.

The 2014 Lindau Meeting is dedicated to physiology/medicine and related disciplines.

The programme features a broad variety of content including lectures on the significance of Nobel Prize winning research, presentations of latest research findings, talks on specialized research topics and on “science & society” issues, such as global health, the challenges to medical care in developing countries or future research approaches to medicine. The aim of the meetings’ various sessions and social activities is determined by the guiding principle “Educate. Inspire. Connect.” The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting thus provides ample opportunities for young researchers to learn from outstanding scientists and get valuable insight into the scope of a researcher’s life, to find inspiration from one another and to connect through ideas and friendship.

In order to learn more about the annual Meeting of Nobel Laureates, please refer to the homepage www.lindau-nobel.org.


In order to take part in this meeting, applicants need to pass a two-step nomination and selection process. First, the FNR will conduct a pre-selection (based on CV and motivation letter) and nominate 2 candidates to the Lindau selection committee. In the second step the nominated candidates submit a separate application directly to the Lindau selection committee.

If you are interested in taking part at the 64th Lindau Meeting of Nobel Laureates, the FNR invites you to submit your CV and a motivation letter until 21st October 2013 to marie-claude.marx@fnr.lu

Applicants must be of Luxembourg origin* (Luxembourg nationality or Luxembourg residence > 15 yrs), at Master, PhD or Postdoc level, in the field of physiology/medicine or related disciplines. Please refer to the document in annex for more detailed information about the selection criteria of the Council for the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings.

The FNR will cover all fixed expenses related to the participation of the 2 selected candidates (travel, accommodation, registration).

Please also visit the Lindau online mediatheque at mediatheque.lindau-nobel.org to get some impressions of the lectures and debates held in over 60 years of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings.

For further information regarding the Lindau nomination/selection procedure and the meeting itself, please contact Marie-Claude Marx (contact details below).

*if you are not of Luxembourg origins: young scientists who study outside their home country and will not be nominated by their host country (so-called expats) have now the possibility to apply directly with the organizing Council. For further information please refer to the Lindau website www.lindau-nobel.org

Selection Criteria pdf


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