4M on its way to the moon_

OHB and LuxSpace announce today that the 4M (Manfred Memorial Moon Mission) has been successfully launched on-board a Long March 3 from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, China. The probe will now make its way to the moon, which it will reach in approximately 90 hours. « A very large number of Radio Amateurs has followed our request to acquire the data from the satellite. It is very encouraging to see so many people following our mission », said Marco Fuchs, CEO of OHB.
4M is a small spacecraft which will transmit messages in memory of Prof. Manfred Fuchs and greetings from all around the world. Furthermore, 4M has a radiation experiment onboard to measure the size of an appropriate radiation shielding and a multilateration trial for spacecraft navigation for the next Moon mission.
After the moon turn around, the probe will go back to earth and possibly enter into an eliptic earth orbit with the nearest point at about 50.000 km. « We know this only since a number of weeks and have added some solar cells on the probe to extend the lifetime and get more radiation data from this unexplored orbit, which we will certainly share with all interested parties », added Jochen Harms, Managing Director of LuxSpace.

Please also refer to our moon page – moon.luxspace.lu
About LuxSpace Sarl:
LuxSpace Sarl is an affiliate of OHB AG (Prime Standard, ISIN: DE0005936124), one of the three large prime space companies in Europe. LuxSpace has about 50 employees, chiefly develops micro satellites and actively participates in the OHB System-led Small GEO initiative. Furthermore, LuxSpace has a strong service business with specific focus on AIS (Automatic Information System for Ship Detection) and Earth Observation.

Jochen Harms
Managing Director
LuxSpace Sarl
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