20 years of Light + Building_

Achieve more as a team, be the first to explore new worlds and
relive the fascination of new discoveries. Lighting and connected building-services technology create visionary networks.
Light + Building brings them to life – 2020 in its twentieth year.
Under the motto ‘Connecting. Pioneering. Fascinating.’, Light + Building
is not only celebrating its 20th jubilee but also the upwind being enjoyed
by a global sector. For connected lighting and building-services technology is the catalyser of the 21st century. “It has the potential to
guarantee efficiency, security, comfort and health for a large proportion
of the world’s inhabitants. And this will be of particular benefit to rapidly
growing urban areas”, says Wolfgang Marzin, President and Chief
Executive Officer (CEO) of Messe Frankfurt.

Accordingly, Light + Building spotlights both the interlinkage of intelligent
building-services systems and the influence of future-oriented light
design. Answers to the worldwide demand generated by expanding
markets will also be given by the top themes of the world’s leading trade
fair in Frankfurt am Main from 8 to 13 March 2020.
Top themes at a glance
‘Dynamic digitalisation’ is the overarching theme of all top themes, which
refer to the claim of the anniversary edition of the fair in the ‘Connecting’,
‘Pioneering’ and ‘Fascinating’ categories. In this way, Light + Building spotlights the sometimes varying roles of energy producers and
consumers with ‘progressive energy management’, which can be regulated with the aid of smart building-automation systems. Moreover, ‘smart urban’ depicts the current situation and future of intelligent
e-district infrastructures. Additionally, the likely increase in e-mobility
calls for comprehensive and efficient charging infrastructure. ‘Advanced e-charging infrastructure’ stands for this subject area at Light + Building.
Another important aspect for the sector and users is ‘connected safety and security’. All four thematic blocks are assigned to the top theme of ‘Connecting’.
Parallel to this, the top theme of ‘Pioneering’ covers areas that have a
great potential but are not yet fully established in the market. For
example, ‘X as a Service’ whereby ‘X’ stands for a specific product, such
as lighting or security. ‘Predictive maintenance’ is also pioneering work. Thus, electronic installations in buildings can be monitored via the
sophisticated use of sensors and software before any loss of efficiency
or even the occurrence of a fault. The ‘digital twin – BIM’ has not only
become a thematic interdisciplinary interface for all players involved in
systems integration.
Nowadays, design is not used exclusively to mean the form or shape of
the luminaires. The technical specification is no less important,
especially when it comes to connectivity. At Light + Building 2020, the
top theme of ‘Fascinating’ will spotlight important attributes of
future-oriented lighting and luminaire design. ‘Functional aesthetics’
describes a mega trend that consciously does without ornamentation
while concentrating on the lighting requirements of different situations.
Meanwhile, ‘classic authenticity’ triggers emotions with regard to, inter
alia, different epochs. A link between the past and the future is created by the ‘historical ascendency’ category, which revolves around modern
citations of archetypical design in the past. Modern lifestyles and modes
of operation are the subject of the ‘futuristic focus’ thematic block, which
throws the right light on subjects such as the breakfast table or
co-working office – where flexible lighting concepts can be of great help.
The international product spectrum and top themes will be supplemented
by the renowned, comprehensive complementary programme of events.
Light + Building has much of interest to all trade-visitor groups, from
architects, designers, retailers and artisans to the industry, engineers,
interior architects and planners.
At the 2018 edition of the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and
connected building-services technology, 2,719 exhibitors and 220,864
visitors came together to cultivate and establish contacts, discover the
latest innovations and discuss perspectives. Around 70 percent of the
products on show were presented by international companies while 52
percent of visitors came from outside Germany. The biggest visitor
nations after Germany were China, Italy, the Netherlands, France, the
United Kingdom, Switzerland and Belgium.
A shining example will also be set on the occasion of the anniversary of
Light + Building by Luminale, the festival of light from 12 to 15 March.
With around 250,000 visitors, it ranks among the biggest events held in
the Rhine-Main region of Germany. Luminale was founded by Messe
Light + Building.
Frankfurt in 2002, which since then has also enjoyed comprehensive
support from the City of Frankfurt. Luminale is the biennale for lighting
art and urban design. Its aim: to generate an impulse for positioning the
city as an attractive, future-oriented location and creative hub at the
interface of art, technology and urbanity.


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