Villa Vauban 1st Prize TECU Award ’10_

Museum Villa Vauban
1st Prize TECU Architecture Award 2010

The renovated and extended Luxembourg City Art Museum Villa Vauban obtains the triennial award for exemplary and innovative use of metal facades. The translucent red brass facade with its alternating gold, red and brown shades is obtuse-angled and reflects the sunlight and the shadows of the trees. The characteristic patterning of the perforated material, which envelops the polygonal architectural body like a geometrical curtain, is continued on the roof.

This year’s jury consisted of the following members:
Prof. Carlo Baumschlager, Fabio Capanni, Rachel Sayers, Isidore Zielonka.
The prize ceremony is scheduled on 18 january 2011 on the BAU 2011 in Munich.

Philippe Schmit architects
77, rue d’Anvers
L – 1130 Luxembourg
Tel +352 26 440 330 – 1

City of Luxembourg
Associate Architects
Diane Heirend & Philippe Schmit
Partner in charge
Philippe Schmit
Lukas Roth

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